Digital Construction

Using digital tools within construction is a way to eliminate mistakes and to improve productivity - it's not just a necessity for society, it's good business for everyone involved.

What is digital construction?

Construction is getting more and more complex, which is putting the need for digital construction high on the agenda around the world and not least in the Nordic and Baltic region. The subject is of interest for businesses and governments alike, since a digital approach, which may highlight possible mistakes and adjustments needed before entering the construction phase:

  • may lead to a significant amount of time saved
  • may heavily decrease the sector’s impact on the environment
  • ultimately it is beneficial for the economy.

The focus on going digital and thus improving the productivity on the construction site is not without reason. Buildings are becoming more intelligent, there is a lack of workforce which does not appear to be improving, and there is an increasing amount of products in the construction industry. In fact, in Denmark, which serves as a reasonable benchmark for the Nordic region, there are now an astounding 600.000 registered building products.

All in all, construction is getting more and more complex, and with that in mind it is no wonder digital construction is on the agenda.

What can Saint-Gobain do?

As a manufacturer we have knowledge and insights on products, on performance, on delivery details. We can tailor make solutions, improve “ease of use” and make sure they arrive on site at the right time, in the right way. All of which gives us unique position in terms turning digital construction into a beneficial outcome for our partners and customers.

In Saint-Gobain using our expertise to add to the construction process is part of our DNA. For us it is not just about short term wins, but rather it’s an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and build long term partnerships, which we believe is a foundation for running a healthy and robust business.

What it all comes down to is that digital tools and solutions are a necessity for construction in the future - and it is good business for us all.

Buildings are the place where we spend up to 90% of our time and have a tremendous impact on our health, wellbeing and environment. For example, buildings are responsible for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions.
Pierre-André de Chalendar
CEO Saint-Gobain
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