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It is a matter of creating an indoor environment that is a combination of good air quality, pleasant temperature, good sound environment and good light quality. All these factors have to be balanced and adapted to the needs of people.
Jonas Christensson
Comfort Developer, Saint-Gobain Nordic and Baltic

Comfort concepts

Saint-Gobain develops concepts that increase the quality and value of the building, as well improves the indoor environment that supports wellbeing and health of people.

The Multi Comfort concept

The Multi Comfort is a comprehensive concept based on the Passivhaus standard. It is used to improve comfort and sustainability for new buildings and renovation of homes, offices, schools, and other buildings in a way that gives people improved comfort.                   

Multi comfort by saint gobain

Multi Comfort is based on a set of defined parameters that objectively measure comfort levels in different types of building. In order to qualify as a Multi Comfort building, buildings must:

  • Be designed to Multi Comfort standards with specified Saint-Gobain products
  • Meet-construction performance measurements carried out by a third part
  • Meet on-going performance criteria once occupied
  • Assuming these criteria are met, a building qualifies for the Multi Comfort stamp.

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My Comfort® by Saint-Gobain

The My Comfort concept®  is a combination of smart innovative solutions from Saint-Gobain that results in superior indoor comfort in single family houses. The concept is co-developed with and sold by selected house-builders as an upgrade option to their houses.

My Comfort by Saint Gobain


My Comfort means a superior indoor comfort, meaning:

  • A more quite house via superior sound insulation that supports well-being, sleep, etc.
  • A pleasant sound level and no disturbing echoes in the kitchen and living room due to sound absorbing ceilings. Especially important in large rooms with high ceilings and hard materials on walls and floors.
  • Pleasant, even temperature and reduced energy costs due to extra high thermal insulation of facades, window glass, floor and roof


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